e-PANE A program that helps new enterprising

e-paneInstrument with business help and Institutional

It is a system oriented with information and methodological, ePANE its program that helps new enterprising developing, it will helps to all enterprising in a practical way to keep growing no matter in which business level that you are, and keep rolling your business.
With a specific Methodology creation for new enterprisers, and complement with a business management, it all so contain a diverse management tool, Web application, XML Language that allow you to standard a world level for projects.


Provide to all the public Administration Sector, were can perform several consultant tasks, tools and methodological techniques, that helps it to develop the function.

  • Analyze to the enterpriser and all the capacity
  • Sensibilities to the enterpriser in the need to know: Product / Services and Marketing
  • Potencies the Innovation, and the reflection
  • To know all the costumers needs
  • Establish Strategies
  • Find the political more adequate for the Project
  • Studying the financial economic rent ability
  • Methodology that integrates knowledge in different areas
  • Establishing of solid bases, for consultant tutoring
  • Creating a culture of entrepreneurship management
  • Personalization and independence in all the projects
  • Optimize the analysis process
  • Integration on IT tools
  • Adaptable for the dimension to each project
  • Generate a Data base with all the projects
  • Friendly Software that allow you to explore data base, it will help you get reports and fusion with other programs.

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