Developing Information System

Futuver develops information depending on the specific needs of the client systems integrating projects which develops with its activity.  Each project of a new information system is tackled by multidisciplinary professionals, not only by computer but in various areas of management, set so that ensures correct adaptation system the problematic actual client.

microsoft gold certified partnerThis "external" vision brings our main added value:

  • Integration consulting services as part of our project methodology,
  • The study of possible use environments,
  • Technology watches that keeps our face to the interests of the client computer and our service

All previous support makes everyone in Futuver real partners in the organization. w3c member

FUTUVER is Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft and member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), forming part of this exclusive group.

This Futuver is positioned at the forefront of the development of applications using modern, effective systems and our final bet for the future of standard technologies and Web applications built as services network.

How we work a proper planning helps us to maximize resources and manage client expectations.

Our project planning includes the following phases or milestones:

1.       Strategic study: Defines the scope of the project. Needs and opportunities are detected.

2.       Analysis solutions: are design processes and capabilities necessary to meet the requirements, checking that the selected technology is most suitable.

3.       Production: Development project organized in milestones and tasks.

4.       Quality control: the corresponding internal audits prior to acceptance of customer’s quality control are performed.

5.       Start-up: final installation developed application training to key users, final release and putting into production of the developed solution.

Platforms and environments

The strategy key for the choice of platforms and application environments is geared to ensure maximum return on customer investment. This means the application of technologies to the satisfaction of the original need-oriented, so permit the Organization a competitive advantage and lasting position.

The technical team undertakes development projects using the most modern tools. Involves a broad experience in Visual Basic and Visual Studio.NET. Technologies such as XML, ASP, ASP.NET, or that Web services integrated with the domain in the administration of the Windows family operating systems complete the range of disciplines to get well integrated and future systems.

Help Desk services

All clients for whom we develop projects of information systems opt for our Help Desk service. This service allows them to maintain a continuous updating of their systems at levels which can vary from simple modifications to strategic monitoring of the evolution of the project and statistical analysis of their results.

Futuver has an area specializing in such services, using tools of control and monitoring of incidents especially developed by our team.

Online phone support incidents, remote maintenance and training on-line maintenance services are some of the routes most appreciated by our customers. People involved in tasks support team is fully aware that the key to the success of a project is in troubleshooting ability and adaptability of products to constant changes.

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