Technology consulting

A great part of our clients know their needs. We advise them about possible solutions and methods of resolution. On the other hand, another important part beyond and we consult to detect your needs before they appear.

Our task is to identify needs and propose solutions, implement them if necessary and safeguard the solution to make effective and cost-effective in time know the market and its trends. This allows us to anticipate our movements to benefit our customers. We offer solutions that save costs, streamline your company and to integrate naturally with the greater guarantees.

FUTUVER activity in this area aims to make technology investments to meet corporate strategy of the company and contribute to the maximization of profit. Therefore has a multidisciplinary team of expert professionals in technology and management, with a company, inclusive vision which allows us to trace the broad strategic lines of the technological evolution of the organization. We are helping to define and develop the technological needs of the company, developing concrete action plans that articulate the start-up of a plan of information systems, asked our advice on the impact of new technologies in the enterprise and different technology adoption strategies available.

If you want:

  • get technology investments to respond to your corporate strategy and are focused to make more profits.
  • Support of a multidisciplinary set of professional experts in technology and management, with an integrative enterprise vision.
  • Plot the broad strategic lines of your technological evolution.
We help you define and develop their technological needs doing:
  • sector analysis and
  • study of prior analysis: Software
  • Hardware telephony
  • security integration of systems
  • Elaborating concrete plans of action that articulate the implementation of your plan information systems.
  • Advise them on the impact of new technologies in your company and different technology adoption strategies that exist.

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