We designed and created a Project that can be adapted to your need that also includes the real business adaptation, besides to cover the company needs. We have a flexible methodology in order to get the best results in a dynamic way.

EXPERIMENTA FORMACIÓN, our line formation for Executives.

We believe that with the experimental formation, you would be more able using yourEmotions, and Senses. experimenta formacion

The company precise to develop according to their needs, all the activities that can help them and the learn more about any subject, that also will remained for long time.

Always on the top for the advance services for the business organizations, Futuver is a step ahead from new formation concepts, offering a education base on sense experimentation.

Is an initiative that combines our knowledge of organizations and their members, with a distinctive approach, practical and results-oriented for:

  • Opening new ways
  • Translating the strategy in action
  • Potential all the innovation form learning
  • Developing new attitude
  • Generating illusion at the time that start developing the experience of learn in a direct manner

Not only we improve the concepts, we also improve the attitude, emotions in team work.  

  • Leadership with the Senses: Leadership
  • Cook Team-Training: Team Work

Contact us. We are happy to inform you.

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