Modernization of Trade & Land Property Registry, Mexico City

Comprehensive modernization of the Trade and Land Property Registry of the State of Mexico City

The Trade and Land Property Registry of the State of Mexico City is one of the largest and busiest property registries in the world, servicing a population of over 22 million people in a single office located in the heart of Mexico City, one of the cities more populous and complex in the Western world. This office received a daily average of 1500 users and performs about 5000 operations a day.

The legal registration of property is a powerful catalyst for economic activity because it stimulates investment and facilitates trade and access to cheaper credits.alt

The Registry was in a serious state of deterioration of their internal and external image. The most visible symptoms of this situation were:

  • Progressive loss of all information recorded due to a large deterioration in the books.
  • Long queues of users in the office of the Registry.
  • High number of pending transactions estimated around seventy thousand, a figure that grew daily since it was not possible to assume the workload generated daily.
  • Increasing number of lawsuits and claims addressed to the Registry
  • Very low training of most staff of the Registry
  • Mutilations and falsification of documents and books that support the registry.
  • Redundant and complex procedures, the result of the coexistence of different registration techniques, absence of strict control over the actual content of the record, distrust in the validity and authenticity of documents, etc.

Eliminating these problems were the main challenge for the Registry, but the Federal District Government decided to take an even greater challenge, by setting up an Electronic Registry of Rights, using the "real folio technique", transparent and made available to the public not only through the physical office of the Registry but also through the Internet.

Challenges of Modernization Project

There were several "framework" challenges , all interrelated to comprehensively address global modernization:

  • Legal Certainty
  • Improve property transactions, attracting investment
  • Definitive solution to paper deterioration.
  • Unified Technology and Information Security
  • HR: Motivation and Professionalization of registry employees.
Impact of Modernization

The impact of implementing Futuver´s software FUTUREG under the comprehensive modernization project that took place in the TRADE AND LAND PROPERTY REGISTRY OF THE STATE OF MEXICO CITY has been extraordinary, allowing the achievement of the goals set by the City Government which can be summarized in the following aspects:

  1. The most important impact is focused on achieving the objective of obtaining legal certainty of property transactions, with huge advantages in terms of political economic and social rights for citizens of the Federal District.
  2. It has managed to halt the progressive deterioration of the books by eliminating physical manipulation , replaced by the query image in 100% of the paperwork.
  3. Increased efficiency. 50% increase in the ability to care for users at the Registry office.
  4. Revenues from operations of the Registry have doubled in 2011
  5. Reduction in the time of Paperwork by 65%
  6. Saving Paper by 90%.
  7. Backlog has started to shrink, representing an increase in productivity of at least 50%, taking into account that the paperwork has doubled since the starting of the project
  8. Set up of numerous telematic services, representing approximately 4% of all procedures. This figure is expected to exceed 10% over the year 2012.
  9. More than 70% of the entire collection of documents stored in the vaults and physical log files have been digitized and electronically signed.
  10. Land property registry of Mexico City has become one of the few 100% fully electronic Registries, besides it is one of the three largest in the world by size and complexity.
  11. The Federal District government has exposed its experience in several international conferences on registration in which it has been publicly acknowledged that the Registry improvement is an example to be followed by other similar organizations and institutions both in Mexico and in Latin America.


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