Bishop of Ourense

obispado de ourensegesObispado has been developed by Futuver in recent years as a result of the modernization plan executed in the Bishop of Ourense. Below are the most characteristic of the project points.

Initial situation

Initial situation of the Diocese of Ourense initial situation can be summarized in the following points:

  • Information was primarily centralized in parishes
  • There were numerous administrative processes performed manually had no possibility to analyze the information generated in parishes
  • There was some difficulty in the centralization of parochial economies through operating plan the development of an organizational
  • Diagnosis a consistent points operating plan was developed
Operating plan

through the development of an organizational diagnosis elaborated an operating plan consisting of the following points:

  • Formalization of administrative processes and management
  • Renovation of infrastructures to support new management tools
  • Implantation of the bishopric and the parishes gesObispado
  • Implementation of MS Dynamics NAV in the diocese for the accounting and financial management
  • Integration of gesObispado and MS Dynamics NAV
  • Training sessions within different geographical points of the diocese
  • Adaptation to LOPD and establishment of security measures to protect the information of personal character stored in management tools

For the Diocese of Ourense has established its own gesObispado called OMNES, which is currently being used by 226 parishes of the diocese version. An indicator of the level of use of the tool are the more than 42,000 faithful who have been registered in his parish register data-controlled baptisms, confirmations or marriages.

Other benefits arising from the start-up of gesObispado in the diocese include the following:

  • Modernization and streamlining of the administrative processes of the diocese
  • Improvement of the economic management of the parishes
  • Centralization of information in a single system
  • Collaborative environment for the development of the pastoral work through the exchange of experiences, documents and resources
  • Parish activity tracking
  • Ability to analyze information generated by all parishes
  • Compliance with the organic law of data protection
In it´s day, the web site of the bishopric or Ourense echoed from the day of submission of the implementation of OMNES in the diocese.
Extrapolate able experience...

To other diocese. Work in Ourense can move those bishoprics wishing to carry out a comprehensive improvement project in your organization.

The experience accumulated by our professionals, both in the project developed together with the Bishop of Ourense in developed in other organizations; allow us to deal with a project for diagnosis and improvement with all the guarantess:

  • Diagnosis of situation
  • Analysis of procedures and formalization of the same technological infrastructure
  • Management tools used in the parishes
  • Verification of compliance with the organic law of protection
  • Data training of staff of the diocese homogenization renewal 

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