Business Consolidation Project IMPULSE

Client: Centro Municipal de Empresas de Gijón – City of Gijón (Asturias) - Spain

Project Origin:: Having overcome the first years of life, companies are going through a difficult challenge: to survive in a market in which competition and rivalry are increasing at a rapid pace, the need arises. Statistics show that the rate of success and permanence in the market for new firms is around 40%, bringing the ratio up to 80% for companies housed in the nursery or business centers, which notes the important work of these institutions and the importance of launching programs like the one described.

IMPULSO, is an innovative program to support business growth and consolidation for newly established companies which combine two important and complementary elements of added value:

- Participating companies benefit from a specialized consulting program, involving experts with knowledge from different disciplines, receiving an external view of their situation very rich.

- The characteristic of this project is the Corporate Social Responsibility, trying to get the ownership, transfer of good practice and support from the business world with proven expertise and position in various sectors. A business mentor, a renowned entrepreneur, with exemplary professional career, working selflessly with the participating companies, conveying personal experiences and offering their views to issues that the young entrepreneur can make. It thus creates a couple special relationship between the mentor and the young company, which favors the emergence of synergies or business ideas. 

Thus, from the Municipal Center Business Gijón and Gijón City Council wishes to contribute actively to the development of a new corporate culture and management, while helping in a practical way for companies to enter a process of consolidation.

Providing Futuver:: With this year 2010 are already three occasions (since the first in the year 2006) in which Futuver consulting firm has been responsible for the implementation of this project, developing the consultation program with companies as a whole and encouraging collaboration among all participants. Futuver team has managed to combine and adapt its multisectoral expertise and knowledge gained through work performed for more than 25 years with SMEs, to obtain the formula and the balance to give guarantees to the project success.

The Impulso project is another example of the importance from the Municipal Center for Business and the City Council of Gijón is taking to promote younger firms, is a major push to ensure the success of these new businesses and entrepreneurs seeking and professional success to bring the younger entrepreneurs.

proyecto impulso ayto. gijon

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