Corporative Responsability

Socially Responsible, Internal and Externally

In Futuver, we understand that as active member of society and we contribute to a better social development, internally and externally.

Objective and commitment, improve the welfare of the societies where we operate.

The talent,critical challenge. One of the biggest challenges is attracting, and Futuver developing the best talent to support the strategy of sustained growth of the Group. Achieving a good work environment, providing continuous learning opportunities to all partners and integrating cultures to help professionals accomplish their professional and personal satisfaction, are objectives of the company's Human Resources.

Reconciling Policy and Family Life Education.

Collaborations with stakeholders, University, Innovation, Quality.

Code of Professional Ethics, the starting point for developing a collaborative environment to create conditions for business and high human values. To promote the values of Futuver, have established mandatory standards that define the prospects of the company regarding the conduct of their members.

These rules are part of the company’s Professional Ethical Code and they cover around these three fields:

Conduct related to work:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Creativity and good atmosphere at work and companionship
  3. Independence of Thought
  4. Cooperation and continuos on-going training

Conduct related to resources:

     5. Information Management
     6. Use of Futuver’s resources

Conduct related to business:

     7. Respect for the customer
     8. Confidenciality

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